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Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! We love to see you smile!
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Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile!
Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile!
We love to see you smile!We love to see you smile! © Copyright 2012 Dr. Marcus E. Paul
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Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile! Dr. Marcus E. Paul - We love to see you smile!
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
I took several weeks deciding on a Dentist. I am so glad that I picked Dr. Paul. He and his staff are very professional and compassionate. They have made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with each appointment.
FROM Sherry M. || Rating: 5
Sherry M. attests that Dr. Paul's office from the initial contact is professional, prompt, courteous, caring and client-oriented. It took me awhile to discover Dr. Paul in Pensacola but since I did, I'm all smiles!
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Everyone is so friendly and they get you in and out timely.
FROM May A. || Rating: 5
I speak very highly of the staff. I want to thank you all for the wonderful service I received. My partial plate, at this time, fits perfectly and I have absolutely no complaints. Thank you so very much.
FROM Mildred || Rating: 5
I am completing this for Mildred as she has problems seeing and understanding. She mentioned how great the doctor is, and his staff. She never wants to go to the doctor's office for any reason but was happy and smiling when she came and finally had her work completed.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Dr. Paul and his staff have always made me feel very comfortable and unafraid. I am always very nervous about going to the dentist. I don't mind going to Dr. Paul.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Dr. Paul's explanation of what is about to happen--noise--feel, takes a lot of the anxiety out of the visit. Support staff is excellent!
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
The staff are not only friendly, but helpful, considerate and make you feel as though they genuinely care about you as a person. ... I filled survey out previously, but believe nice things should be repeated.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
They are always willing to help. It makes you feel like family.
FROM Janice S. || Rating: 5
Friendly and personable - thanks for good customer service.
FROM Ken M. || Rating: 5
Promptness! I got there 15 minutes early and was seen immediately. Chair side manners and professionalism are exceptional. I have no anxiety in the dentist chair anymore.
FROM May A. A. || Rating: 5
The office and/or staff are really excellent and Hugh and I cannot get over the way Dr. Paul is so particular wanting my partial plate to fit perfectly. We are so happy that we are seeing Dr. Paul and staff and could not ask for any better attention. Thank you.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Staff is very personable. Dr. Paul treats his patients with utmost respect and concern. If he can't fix the problem, he refers me to someone who can, and he follows up with the referred physician. The staff is always nice. I can't say enough about them--excellent is certainly my choice.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Service and courteous staff make the visits at Dr. Paul's office great. Dr. Paul himself is a friendly dentist and takes time with you at your visit. I have switched my other family members because of the service I received and even referred co-workers to the office for which they have expressed a great visit.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Dr. Paul is an excellent dentist. I am so glad that he is my son's dentist.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Friendly, professional, computerized records that help the city to go green.
FROM G.A. Simpson || Rating: 5
Very, very friendly staff!! Get a feeling of visiting family rather then the dentist. I actually look forward to my appointments!
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Nice, caring and understanding people.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Paul has such a calming attitude and is very passionate about his work. He makes a tense situation relaxing.
FROM Paul J. || Rating: 5
I tried a few dentist before retuning home to Dr. Paul after 15 yr.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Love the friendly faces. Dr. Paul is great.
FROM Michael S. || Rating: 5
Everyone is friendly, courteous, professional, efficient, empathetic and customer oriented. A visit to the office is like being with close family.
FROM Nancy S. || Rating: 5
Everyone is so friendly and makes me feel comfortable even though I get very nervous when I have a dental appointment. Dr Paul is very gentle and understanding.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Always friendly and efficient.
FROM A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
We know the staff and it is like visiting with family - that part of family we get along with.
FROM Lillie C. || Rating: 5
The appointments are as scheduled. The staff is extremely friendly and does a superb Job! Thanks!
FROM: Ginger I. || Rating: 5
Of course the entire staff is very pleasant to be around. We love all you guys.
FROM: Jan G. || Rating: 5
All the Staff is wonderful. My procedures have been pain free. It makes my dental visits stress free. Thank you.
FROM: Ernie R. || Rating: 5
Always a pleasure to go to your office after all these years, Keep up the good work. Thanks.
FROM: Carla S. || Rating: 5
I enjoy the atmosphere of professionalism and friendliness ...instead of dreading "a trip to the dentist," I feel like I'm going to visit with friends who just happen to perform a service for me while I'm there. I also like the way in which procedures are explained as they are being done.
FROM: Hickerson || Rating: 5
I am very pleased with the dental care that I receive. Dr. Paul is very knowledgeable and very concerned about his patients. It took months to complete implant care for me but he never seemed tired or frustrated. Dr.Paul's staff certainly reflects what he is all about -- quality service to every one. He always has a smile. Deborah is just a jewel. She is so neat and orderly, very timely and always pleasant. I am really proud to say that Dr. Paul and staff rate an "A."
FROM: Ken M. || Rating: 5
Appointment scheduling is almost always on time with very little waiting. This appointment was so prompt I never had a chance to sit down and wait. Appreciate the appointment reminders also. Great staff! Thanks.
FROM: A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Always pleasant and ready for me when I arrive at my appointment time.
FROM: Another Happy Patient || Rating: 5
Dr. Paul and the staff are friendly, honest and professional. The fees are fair and I'm not charged for unnecessary work. I would recommend Dr. Paul to friends and family.
FROM: Mau A. ||
Excellent and courteous. Usually understands the predicament one is in. I am usually deathly afraid of dentist but through your kindness, I am quite comfortable. Thank you.
FROM: A Happy Patient || Rating: 5
The service has always been great especially having my teeth cleaned. The tech knows how to relax you with mild conversation, and a caring and easy touch. She is simply a great young woman . Tx for having such a person on your team.
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